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VRS & YRN College

A premier educational institution in Andhra Pradesh is known for excellence and service. The three sentences (udyate namah, udayate namah and uditaaya namah) that appear on the emblem alert the student to the fact that education is a three fold achievement passing through three phases: Even as the Sun goes through dawn to the noon, rising from below the nadir to the zenith, the student must first be intent on learning, then work persistently, and attain the full bloom of his latent skills. He should also, like the Sun, e selfless in working the world into its full potential attainment.

VRS & YRN College, Chirala, started as VRS College was established in 1951 with the munificence of Sri Vutukuri Ramayya Sreshti, to cater to the educational needs of backward and deprived sections of rural population of southern parts of the then Guntur District of Madras State. The College possesses a sprawling campus of 78 acres of land in picturesque surroundings and serene atmosphere on Chirala – Vadarevu Road about 4 km from Chirala Railway Station. VRS College has been rechristened as VRS & YRN College since 1962. The College has witnessed phenomenal growth in its infrastructure and other facilities during the last 64 years. Having setup impressive infrastructural facilities and possessing visionary Management, dynamic Principals, committed faculty members and dedicated supporting staff, the College has reached a stage of consolidation and is poised for a qualitative growth in academic, research, curricular innovations and community and industry interactions, which will enable it to become a centre of excellence in higher education.

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